Best Use of Indian Horizontal Surface Grinder

 In India, where everybody is looking for economical resources & best services, there are a lot of engineering companies having tool room face problem of good finishing & accuracy of the component. Let us discuss a few factors affecting the quality of machined turned component.

Firstly, Lack of skilled labor to operate the machinery, secondly, quality of machinery & lastly, the behavior of purchaser. In the present scenario, where nobody wants to work physically and want to earn handsomely, an acute shortage of skilled labor is the major issue facing by industrial units. People coming from remote areas, today, are working in Shopping Malls and Multiplexes as cleaners & lift man. Nobody is interested in doing industrial work. Due to the lack of Skilled labor ordinary labor works on machinery such as Horizontal Surface Grinding Machine, which is used to give accurate size & shape to a component and to grind the surface of the component with better finishing, is operated by a layman who does not even know the full function of the machine and how to bring best out of the machinery.

or Surface Grinders is the best machine tool for any tool room but we must know how to use it properly. There are few things to be kept in mind while using a Surface Grinding Machine.


  • Machine is neat & clean.
  • Lubricate all the axis with oil.         

 ·         Magnetic Chuck is ON after putting job on it.

  • Double-Cut is always recommended for better finishing.
  • Coolant System, if attached, is working properly.
  • Use full length grinding wheel for better accuracy & finishing.
  • Weight on the magnetic table must be as per the standard of machine.
  • Skilled operator should work on the machine.

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By: Abdul Wahab



Surface Grinder-Ultimate Metal Working Tool

Surface Grinder-Ultimate Metal Working Machine Tool


Manufacturer of Surface Grinders

Today industrial market is growing very rapidly and a lot of new technologies in metal working machinery have been introduced worldwide. Industrialists always look forward for new machinery in the market which save time & energy and hence increases profit-making. Surface Grinder is one of the best & vital tool room machinery which is economical and extremely helpful in delivering the best of machined turned components to various industries.

A Surface Grinder is also known as Precision Horizontal Surface Grinding Machine or Surface Grinding Machine. It is a machine tool which deals with grinding the surface of metals, plastic and rubber and gives them appropriate size & shape as per customers specification or requirement.

Surface Grinding Machine is essential tool room machinery which has to be installed in almost every industrial tool room for accurate size & better finishing of a component.

We can achieve highest degree of Precision work through Surface Grinder that is why it is called Precision Surface Grinder.

In the present scenario, one may find many manufacturers of Horizontal Surface Grinding Machine but one must keep in to account that what is he going to purchase? A lot of manufacturers or suppliers provide light weight Surface Grinder which is not at all successful even in the short span of time.

Buyer gets confused because he goes to different manufacturers and sometime buys the bad product.  To help a new buyer let us discuss a few points of a Precision Surface Grinder. A Precision Surface Grinder is always built of very heavy and properly seasoned Cast Iron metal with properly machined & scrapped surface. Horizontal Surface Grinder is always an accurate performer because one can achieve huge accuracy up to 0.002mm at the time of grinding the component. One of the important feature of the Precision Surface Grinding Machine is noise-free and vibration-free operations. Proper seasoning, proper scrapping, heavy Cast Iron Bed & Slides, original bearings & spare parts play vital role in quality and overall performance of a Surface Grinder. One should, even, ask for the Spectrometer test reports of the material being used in manufacturing the Surface Grinder.

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By: Abdul Wahab